Review of Between Two Points [12k1012]

Vital Weekly (NL)

Almost at the same time (as Clicks & Cuts 2) Taylor Deupree offers another compilation on his 12k label. Or is it the Line label? In fact it’s both. Whereas 12k stands for more rhythmic music, its subsidairy Line stands for indepth, more avant-garde electronic music. So one CD of Between Two Points is by 12k artists and one is by Line artists (many of the featured artists will have their full length release on either label). On the 12k CD we get some of the same names as on Clicks & Cuts 2, like Mark Fell (= SND), Komet (= Frank Bretschneider), Noto (= Alva.Noto), Dan Abrams, Kim Cascone, Taylor Deupree. Some of these operate in the dance-like, clickhouse style, such as Mikeal Stavostrand and Komet. However in general there is more experimentalism, such as in the lengthy piece by Mark Fell, Dan Abrams, Kim Cascone or Goem. The Line CD goes way further on the experimental side. Music that you need to turn up your volume to. The Guenter/Lopez heirs. Richard Chartier offers a well balanced cut with just high end piercing tones. Miki Yui an environmental piece of vibrations. Much to my surprise we find a track by Bernard Guenter, which is a beautiful drone piece of what sounds like processed wind instruments. Others featured here are Roel Meelkop, Steve Roden, Immedia, Duul Drv, *0 and Immedia. This compilation is much more varied then the Clicks & Cuts one, and opens not just new ways to dance music, but also to the “serious” side of things.

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