Review of Frame [12k1011]

Vital Weekly (NL)

First time around I missed out reviewing Shuttle 358s Frame release. Behind Shuttle is Dan Abrams, who releases also as Optimal.LP and under his own name. Frame was released in 2000 and is still a good sign of that time. Abrams uses clicks, glitches, skipping beats and textural processed hiss to generate his music. Per track things move only slowly with changes that seem to occur only a minimal level. Even when Abrams uses rhythms this is nowhere near dance music or anything such. The main thing is to create an ambience, a blank, empty ambience that is. Music like that on Frame set the tone for much microsound like music from the years to follow. If that particular part of history went unnoticed by you, this is your change to pick up on it. Good to see back in print. (FdW)

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