Review of Rausch [12k1010]

Vital Weekly (NL)

It’s not clear what is decisive for Frank Bretschneider to release music under his own name or the monniker Komet. Being part of the Rastermusic scene he might not be an unknown person if you already dig the new dance music. This brand new CD is his first US release and is simply excellent. His beats are slow, minimal, and brittle sharp with great depth. The beats he produces are being fed through his Nord synthesizer (live is not using a laptop, but sits behind his synth, which looks cool – check out his live gig this sunday at De Melkfabriek here in The Netherlands), which add those crazy little sounds. This CD is like a concert, since the tracks flow into eachother, with the offset points set cleverly. Each track has a steady beat, those crazy little sounds and sometimes a shy melody. It bears resemblence to both SND CD’s, for it’s laidback, yet rhythmic features. Maybe a difference is that this CD is less fragmented then the CD Bretschneider released under his own name on Mille Plateaux, this is much more coherent and gains strength. More then dance music, this is relax music for the moden living room. Excellent stuff. (FdW)

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