Review of Optimal.LP [12k1005]

Vital Weekly (NL)

With this release 12K only seems back at their start: Shuttle 358 offers ambient upon first hearing (and for me 12K started out doing more ambient like releases but released also an excellent compilation .aiff with… eur modern electronica). Like it is suggested on the cover (“proper audio monitoring is recommended for listening”) either headphone listening or really loud, is necessary to grasp the full idea of the music.

Shuttle 358, being one Dan Abrams, creates immense depths in his music, but he is carefull enough to avoid places of new age. The depths I’m speaking about are not just created by a bunch of effects, but also by the dynamic range: low is low and high (not very present I’d say) is high. Each track is sufficient long enough to form a good picture, short enough to be interesting and among them there’s a strong variety. Besides the stacks of synths, Shuttle 358 uses these strange sounds in sampled fashion that get the odd ball per track rolling. Sometimes insect like, sometimes of a more obscure nature but definetly something odd. Good crossover between say anything on Hypnos and Rastermusic. And as usual with 12K, limited to 500 copies! (FdW)

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