Review of Sart [12k1042]

Varkelorpe (.COM)

I recently stumbled upon a record of great and rare beauty. The album is called Sart by the Norwegian duo Pjusk on 12k. Sart is special because it doesn’t sound like music as much as a naturally occurring phenomena. To listen to it is almost as if you’ve walked into a dimly lit environment, there is a low rhythmic pulsing from the floor, and the walls are bristling with a texture, ornate, baroque tendrils, but just barely.

I truly enjoy music that does not evoke the image of a musician composing, but seems to exist as a living, breathing entity to be encountered and experienced. Sart evokes this for me, the sound of an atmosphere, ambient in the truest sense.

If comparisons are necessary, I can imagine Sart alongside Biosphere’s more cinematic works, Cirque and Shenzou. Vladislav Delay could also provide a useful point of reference with his ability to slip between fore ground and back by juxtaposing sleek, streamlined textures with barely there tones and melody.

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