Review of Volume Objects [12k1045]

Touching Extremes (IT)

It’s getting increasingly difficult to come up with something genuinely new in the area where Autistici is stepping. Over the course of nine tracks, we’re shown different facets of this sonic painter’s aesthetic, whose style has more to do with the peculiar placing of a series of acoustic events than a real compositional concept. The adjective “tactile”, referred to the recorded sounds on the press release seems pretty coherent to what I perceived in the disc. True, there are several of the genre’s trademarks (delicately ringing bell tones, whispered gentleness, extremely simple guitar arpeggios broken by electric discharges) but are we really sure that one still needs to hear the damaged vinyl effect in a record after all these years? Fortunately, the artist is intelligent enough to displace some of these obvious presences with a rather concrete view of things, which include casual sources such as a motorbike, or someone snoring (!), thus adding a most welcome human element to a patchwork that otherwise might result in yet another “imperfectly perfect”, cracked-glass framed photograph of already visited territories. At the end of the day, Volume Objects can be considered instead as a collection of vignettes somehow modified by a child’s crayon into scribbled figures that, although not beautiful, possess now a few characteristics and slight deformations that attract our curiosity more than before.

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