Review of Apikal.Blend [12k1022]

Touching Extremes (IT)

The third chapter in Sogar’s history is another impressive record, following the coordinates of the previous excellent Stengel. Using software, guitar and studio treatments, J├╝rgen Henckel leads the listener towards a pasture of mercurial yet green leaves, using skinny frequencies together with colourful washing chords in a delicate, engaging mixture of beauty, always looking for that particular brain spot capable of bringing out the most joyous, melancholic and caressing thoughts. The more I listen to Sogar, the better I think of him; I believe he’s one of the best – if not THE best – neo digital minimalist we have today, thanks to his acute and careful (dis)placement of sounds and, I suppose, to a continuing deep desire of making music with serious intents and creative curiosity.

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