Review of Frame [12k1011]

Touching Extremes (IT)

Shuttle358 is Dan Abrams, and Frame is described as “one of the highlights of the entire microsound genre” in the press release. Now 12k reissues this work, which is among the most important and requested outings of the label, in a new sleeve printed with white ink; the disc also features a data segment containing the title track’s video in Quicktime format. Not many words are necessary to describe this warm, engaging record that unfolds with tranquil detachment, putting the listener amidst repeated series of membrane-massaging superimpositions of looping circles and Enoidal synthetic waves that resound in typically oneiric timbral concoctions, while gentle pops and clicks determine a rhythmic structure that’s often “barely there”, yet discreetly functional for the development of the music. Although nowadays a few moments may sound a tad dated in their use of sampled chords and imaginary parallel dimensions, there is indeed an aura of importance surrounding the large part of the album, which remains a concrete demonstration of how this kind of composition has been useful to introduce many people to the wonders of electronica by starting their path with something that’s accessible and, at the same moment, touching. This is still Frame‘s most visible contribution, besides its obvious grace.

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