Review of Sval [12k1059]

Toneshift (US)

The Norwegian duo Pjusk has really fleshed out their sound after their recording Sart. Here there’s a quiet cadence rippling through thick, dreamy tones. Just the perfect blend of ambient to minimal percussion. Reminds me of early work on Chain Reaction, without definitive beats, more organic and flowing here — gauzy and textural in an airy way. The blurred motion of “Skumring” is as resilient as fireworks on a warm night heard from miles away. There’s this moment on “Dis” where things become engaged as if ready for take off. The lurking of motors sweetly out of sync slowly engulf the stride with a few sparse disembodied voices, and a touch of piano. With some minor crack and hiss a curvaceous form melts in slow-mo effortlessness on the lovely “Skygge.” If this were GPS I ask, please take me there.

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