Review of Upward, Broken, Always [12k2042]

Toneshift (.NET)

Ohio (Taylor Deupree and Corey Fuller) has just released Upward, Broken, Always (12K). It’s a new sound for both artists who have been known to create wondrous minimal and ambient works. Here there is something quite eluding to Americana, and/or folk music. But beyond the beautiful twang, site a world dappled with birdcalls, and a blissful harmony, including a haunting croon (a full vocal on the title track). The duo has managed to balance this with other tracks that might fit into their typical sound, translucent shimmering layers of light-filled ambient rhythm. Though the two discovered they both hail from the state of Ohio, they recorded this in Westchester County, and by the sound of it, they are making their own map.

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