Review of Looping I-VI (And Other Assorted Love Songs) [12k1028]

Time Off (AU)

Over the past few years, Frank Bretschneider has come to the forefront of the minimal electronics community as one of the more considered and easy to absorb composers from this genre.¬†On Looping I-VI (And Other Assorted Love Songs), Bretschneider plays with our ears, gently unravelling complicated textures of intersecting sine tones and other waveforms. His reflective composition style gives these works a truly atmospheric quality, a slowly morphing aural experience that’s captured in tracks like “Looping III”.

Rhythm becomes the central focus on “Against A Blue Background”, which develops a mesmerising quality akin to a slowed down trance groove, edging towards controlled chaos as oddly looping sections splice with one another. – (Lawrence English)

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