Review of Volume Objects [12k1045]

The Wire (UK)

UK sound designer and composer Autistici hooked up with 12k’s Richard Chartier at a concert in Sheffield. His fascination with the priciniple of Ambient is such that he claims to have a hard job in sustaining his concentration during conversations, distracted as he is by the circumambient sounds of air conditioners, passing planes, the hum of striplights. The Chartier connection is evident in Volume Objects, as is the influence of Taylor Deupree, to whom he also listens, but this is no pallid derivative. Each track is accompanied by a photograph, containing some seemingly inconsequential landscape detail – a fence, the close-up of the pebbledash texture of a wall – which function as visual aids or springboards for further imagistic speculation. What’s great about Volume Objects is the interplay of the tiniest of sound particles, dancing like atoms amid the field recordings which provide much of the feed in the mix.

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