Review of Stil. [12k1020]

The Wire (UK)

A steady, lulling, synthetic ambient drone with a slow two-note oscillation, a pulse of sorts, opens Deupree’s latest minimalist foray. The ears are bathed in a soft hum, with gentle changes in density, and after some minutes he introduces barely audible electric nicks, or pricks of static with no breadth of depth – just minute incisions on the temporal surface. It’s a plain, meditative style – just four lengthy tracks examining simple misphased pulses, or delicately modifying a single quavering whirr like a muted generator noise, soft and woolly. And yet, compared to some of the sparser pulse productions on the 12k label, Deupree allows a certain amount of organic breadth here. One track segment starts to shift harmonically to different one levels, serenaded by various mysterious clicks, peeps, and breathings from the digital woodland; another is more of a looped soundscape with hints of tolling bells and bowed bass emerging behind the veil of digital abstraction.

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