Review of Between Two Points [12k1012]

The Wire (UK)

While intermission and Mille Plateaux’s Clicks & Cuts 2 tend towaqrds the dubbier, post-profan side of microsound’s ploink n’ click aesthetic, between two points highlights abraded ambience and sandpapery sustain. The first disc showcases the label’s more rhythmic aspects in pulse bleep contributions from Noto, Taylor Deupree and Komet, but Goem’s austere hiss and Mark Fell’s collapsing atomic models open up pockets of chaos. The second disc suggests an intruiging new direction, however, venturing into the glimmering silences previously charted by Trent Oiseaux. Contributions from Roel Meelkop, Richard Chartier, Miki Yui et al are sequenced into a pointillist arc rendered in barely visible ink: a testament to patience, attentiveness and the discipline that is listneing. – phillip sherburne

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