Review of Rausch [12k1010]

The Wire (UK)

This delicate, silvery toned minimalism from Raster-Noton’s Frank Bretschneider begins like techno constructed out of litle glass chimes. This is supple, upbeat music, though the percussion lies in the bleeps rather than any noticable beat. Afro rhythm patterns made out of glancing tinkling sounds leave little sense of pressure, though beats might resonate in tiny after-echoes. Clockwork and raindrops spring to mind in some places; where the accent is stronger and more dubwise. Pole may be an influence, though this never gets intense. Occasionally spacy in approach, Rausch remains a subtle project which resists total flatness, without becoming sonically bouffant. Super chilled, the brief presence of pulses is played against faint longer resonances on certain bass beats, or the odd, quietly visible noisedrone or cyber-cicada.

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