Review of Chessa [12k1030]

Sutemos (LT)

Sometimes there are days and sounds that you just can’t describe. These are the moments when you lack words; you lack thoughts and rationality, maybe so that you can put everything into letters and sentences. Shuttle 358 is leading me astray for the third time already. Probably it is the best compliment that I can say to him today.

This is the fifth album of Dan Abrams (Shuttle 358). Earlier there were Optimal (1999), Stream (2001), Frame (2001), Understanding Wildlife (2002). His newest work is the most calm and melodic because the rhythm is gone. Nothing else (in the meaning of content) has changed. Or maybe just that Shuttle 358 is getting closer again to Optimal album and leaves Understanding Wildlife with a pure rhythm and glitch concepts of Mille Plateaux behind. In Chessa a beautiful and very sentimental ambient music with various sweeteners awaits you. This is music of heart. Or maybe it is just a background that every fan of calmness will definitely love.

Chessa (and all his previous albums) is perfect album for lying around in bed with your truelove during long and dark evenings. You just to love one another.

I love.

Rating: 9

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