Review of Orwell Court [12k2035]

Subjectivisten (NL)

I know I can be pretty lyrical about a CD or a certain artist, but British singer-songwriter Gareth Dickson has been a sensation for years. He makes beautiful albums and mainly uses his voice and his guitar on which he lustfully plucks. In subtle ways he usually adds some electronics or effects to it. Sometimes he sounds like a reincarnation of Nick Drake, of which he is also a big fan. He performs Drake’s work on Wraiths (2013) with the brilliant alias Nicked Drake. But Dickson is more than that, he proves again on his new album Orwell Court. Crystal clear, but velvety guitar plucked up with his soft vocals, which in addition to Nick Drake sometimes reminds of Greg Weeks and Boduf Songs. So simple, so sober and yet so intensely beautiful and going through marrow and leg, it is unbelievable. In “Two Halfs” he does not sing anybody less than Vashti Bunyan in the background and in “The Big Lie” one Celine Brooks. He concludes his beautiful album with a brilliant cover of Joy Division’s “Atmosphere”.

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