Review of Frame [12k1011]

Static Beats (.COM)

Shuttle358 creates subliminal scapes through forms, rhythms, and patterns in minimal electronic sounds. The tracks flow rhythmically but pulsate with organic precision. This organic or analog sound permeates almost all the tracks and it comes through with vinyl like feel. The CD has a quiet nature, it will pull someone in requiring a bit of involvement. A listener has to hear the music for nuances in sound, transitions, and patterns. I would recommend you listen to the CD on a pair of good headphones or a good stereo system in a quiet room. Overall, slow paced tracks that require some intelligence to listen to.

The video is an excellent interpretation of the track “Frame”. It contains abstract scenes of telephone lines and train terminals. The scenes flow and undulate with smooth transition.

As with all 12k releases this CD is limited.

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