Review of Perpetual [12k1082]

Soundwall (IT)

And that air delicate orient more remote that almost touch it breaks, is fluidity and dedication, harmony slow and distant. Ryuichi Sakamoto, Japanese pianist and composer shares the stage of the “Center For Arts And Media” Yamaguchi with the duo of experimental music Illuha and producer Taylor Deupree during the ten years of the cultural center, in the summer of 2013.

According to the press release of the album the four musicians, for the first time together on stage, created at that moment something eternal and timeless, the son of a great professional understanding born at the time, which led artists to use a variety of tools and play with different facets-time music without a precise script, between arches distorted, tangles of soft synths and piano melodies accented ethereal. The end effect left the audience breathless and it was like a relief of the soul, a cool breeze in the hot and humid late July.

This strong performance was recorded becoming “Perpetual” album in three parts, which will be released in CD and digital live under the label of Taylor Deupree 12k January 27. Meanwhile, SoundCloud, you can listen to streaming the third act of a Live Set.

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