Review of Twine [12k1084]

Sound Projector (.COM)

Loops are not an uncommon compositional foundation, but for Taylor Deupree and Marcus Fischer they’re a current obsession, defining the parameters of their second collaborative recording, which fills the air with the reassuring hiss of long unheard audio tapes speaking softly to the sleeper. The pair supposedly chose the route late one night after awakening from a 20-minute spell induced by a guitar loop Fischer had left playing in the background. This act of serendipitous fortune would, in lesser hands, result in an innocuous, fluffy wash, but our producers know how to winkle a tale from the barest of ingredients and have ably coaxed seven, somehow separate seasons from but a sprinkling.

Perhaps in an attempt to recapture that sense of late night disorientation, they have opted to soak their sparing combinations of stringed and percussion instruments in the studio equivalent of natal fluids, which distort and distance what we hear so that we experience it in a state approximating sleep deprivation, where every irregularity makes perfect sense to the numbed mind. Perhaps you will also find the loop function on your CD player influenced by this compelling model.

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