Review of The Endless Change Of Colour [12k1074]

Sound Color Vibration (.COM)

When a friend of SCV sent us a preview link for the latest album from Marsen Jules this week, we had no idea what we were getting into and were given little background on the artist. Instead of diving into the background, we hit play and allowed the music to speak on its own. Fully immersed into a dream state, the tones are subtle in transformation but are always moving in shape. It’s music to relax and enter another dimension with. Releasing the full length <i>The Endless Change Of Colour</i> with 12K Records this month, this is an album we are very eager to get our hands on from the preview clip sent and the amount of material we have been going through this week from Marsen.

After reading through the process of how this music was created, we were even more impacted and affected by the results achieved. Marsen Jules’ latest work is a generative music piece upon a single phrase of an old jazz record split into three audio streams” mentions 12K Records in their press statement about this new LP from their label. These streams are transformed into loops which break the original instrumentation down into sound resembling pure waves, harmonics and overtones. These loops play to different time signatures to create phasing patterns that continuously move and dance around each other in a constantly-evolving lattice of sound. Long drones of beautiful tones that float together with a delicate exterior, it’s the type of creation that puts me into a peaceful state of mind. Music to feel and understand in ways that pop music can never touch.

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