Review of Sleeping Pills [12k1054]

Sonic Projector (.COM)

Album by the German Rene Margraff under the pseudonym Pillowdiver, who has decided to stop of his previous alter ego Ckid, was recently released on label 12k. With this release the American label under patronage of Taylor Deupree proves again that the releases by 12k can be with confidence recommended by psychologists for people suffering from overexcitataion and stresses. Compact disc Sleeping Pills can be prescribed if not instead hypnotic drug, then as addition to it.

Listening to these sounds it’s pleasant to dismiss the surrounding world and be intoxicated by your own helplessness before momentary laziness and the wish just to lie and give yourself up to various thoughts. Melancholic running over the strings of Fender Jazzmaster together with the warm, enveloping hissing and lo-fi effects interchange and make several layers so that they form a plump sound pillow pleasant for touch. Here everything is moving round guitar, it seems that it’s live, it speaks with the listener and is ready to generate a whole shroud of sounds filling the free space. The titles of the tracks are simple and represent numbers. Some of them pass and don’t stick in memory by any feature. But the tracks which are the most powerful to my mind, such as “Two” and “Seven”, strike right into heart and take you to the flight over the blossoming summer nature. Simple melody in “Seven” slightly differs from the general mass of feeble sounds which merged together. It tenderly flaps hair, like the slight wind, you feel like hovering over everybody and everything. Excellent composition and very good album in general. 100% of today 12k’s spirit.

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