Review of Shape Memory [12k1088]

Sodapop (IT)

(Translated from Italian)

Companions of the label, the American Marcus Fischer and the English Simon Scott met in Portland to record this record having only one day available: samples and sounds already exchanged in advance on the net, the two have dedicated themselves to return environmental sounds in the S1 art gallery, which also offers a space to play and record your own music ( an idea to replicate …). The day in Portland happened during the Slowdive tour, bands that Scott is a drummer: personally I was not aware of his other musical soul, but it was a pleasant discovery. The duo really gives the impression of a natural and live recording, not synthetic at all, in fact in addition to samples and tapes there are also guitars, synthesizers, plates, percussions, reworkings of live recordings, objects played with microphones in contact. The overall effect is really fascinating, the three movements of the disc are a continuous and slow evolution of textures, sounds and noises, for an intriguing and enveloping sound environment that does not bore: the taste for sound research and the ability to always maintain a certain tension causes the disk to drink in one breath.

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