Review of Sart [12k1042]

Smallfish (UK)

I must admit that I really wasn’t prepared for just how stupendous this album is. Yes, it’s on 12k and that’s a hallmark of quality in itself… you expect a certain level of design and music every time you buy a release on the label. Sart, though, just blew me away from the first few tracks right to the end. What I didn’t expect was the sheer variety of styles on offer or the way it seamlessly flows together to make an album of incredible beauty and substance. Dark, cinematic, organic, electronic… all of these sounds make their presence felt, but it’s the way it’s blended together that really makes it a killer. For those that enjoy the more abstract, experimental side of 12k there are strange, subliminal background tones. For those that enjoy the more minimal, melodic side of the label, there are moments of sheer sculptural bliss. And there are even some delightful rhythmic moments – one in particular brings to mind nothing less than the might Gas with it’s pulsating 4/4 beat and layered textures. All atonce it’s over and you find yourself longing to enjoy it all over again. My advice is *do* listen to it again… and again… and again. You won’t be disappointed. Album of the week, possibly month and an easy top 10 album of the year. Stunning.

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