Review of Alba [12k2046]

Silence & Sound (FR)

It is on the always excellent 12K label that Federico Durand’s new album, Alba, is released, a morning crossing on flowerbeds of greenery, gorged with dew and light drizzle.

As usual, the Argentinian artist creates delicate atmospheres, teeming with details hidden behind crystal walls.

Alba lets her melodies float above lands enveloped in pure air and virgin nature, immaculate beauty and astral poetry, seeking to go ever further into the immensely small.

The notion of nature is omnipresent, touching the boundaries of abstraction, sanding down the last ramparts with scraps of material, altered by the disappearance of a certain form of empathy.

Alba is reminiscent by its approach, the work of The Caretaker, Everywhere At The End Of Time, focused on Alzheimer’s and the progressive erasure of memories. Scraps of beauty try to escape oblivion, rising above mountains of glowing dust, doomed to disappear with the end of time. Gorgeous.

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