Review of Superstition [12k2045]

Silence & Sound (FR)

Although working together for a long time, Superstition is the first joint discographic work between Minamo (Keiichi Sugimoto and Tetsuro Yasunaga) and singer Moskito (Sanae Yamasaki).

The trio offers 5 vignettes of ambient folk sculpted in a fragile material, emotional escapades with caressing softness.

Superstition combines microscopic essences on miniature landscapes, arranges instruments with subtlety, immerses us in atmospheres of evocative immensity, dreams hanging from the threads stretched between dream and fiction.

It is to a work loaded with refinement and delicacy that Minamo & Moskitoo suits us, where xylophones, bells, tablecloths, guitar, vocals… combine to create a soft space with soothing curves. Magic.

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