Review of ModularGuitarFields I-VI [12k2057]

Silence and Sound (FR)

A multidisciplinary artist recognized for his sound installations, Zimoun offers with ModularGuitarFields I-VI, an immersive work through a play of textures moving in a closed space, with porous borders.

Minimalist in their conception, each title is of an unsuspected richness with their constant movements and their underground melodies, plunging into depths pierced by changing lights.

What emerges is an enveloping thickness of ModularGuitarFields I-VI, looped by indomitable jolts caressing irregular surfaces against a calm background.

The Swiss artist plays on opposites without seeking to retreat into extremes, favoring tensions and energies as a whole, to make them circulate fluidly on permeable surfaces, while creating abyssal zones capturing centrifugal forces towards a central point, hidden deep within each of us. Magnetic.

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