Review of Low Flying Owls [12k1099]


Conceived as a modular formation, around Taylor Deupree and Stephen Vitiello, Between is the vision of a group of artists brought together by the same need to share something soothing and out of everyday life, a philosophy that has guided the releases of the sublime 12K label.

Low Flying Owls thus sees the participation of Molly Berg, Corey Fuller, Marcus Fischer, Federico Durand and Michael Grigoni, coming to flesh out with their vision and their personality, the backbone put in place by Taylor Deupree and Stephen Vitiello.

Acoustic instruments (guitar, clarinet, vocals, drums, bass, vibaraphone, piano…), field recordings and electronic juxtapositions form a delicate ensemble of dreamy beauty. We feel transported to a floating space, where the notes take the time to evolve, forming myriads of melodies emerging from parallel worlds.

When the drums return to “Know,” we switch to a starry universe nourished by spiritual jazz and tightrope walker ambient. Here each artist finds his place most naturally in the world, a fusion of various sensations serving the same purpose. Magic.

Roland Torres

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