Review of This Valley Of Old Mountains [12k1091]

Silence And Sound (FR)

(Translated from French)

This Valley Of Old Mountains is the collaboration of Taylor Deupree and Federico Durand, a combination of talents in the service of an album inhabited by naturalism and fragility, elegance and sensitive complexity.

The field recordings intertwine to let slip the sketches of a time imbued with beauty, putting some distance from our reality.

Each title is an opportunity to take your breath and examine your interior, to let the agitation of the world rest to meditate in a space full of warm and familiar vibrations that seem to arise from a waking dream, yet carrying with them all these micro-elements that give meaning to existence.

This Valley Of Old Mountains is a welcoming precipice to an imaginary elsewhere with clay walls and hospitable vegetation. Cascades of sounds ricochet over tranquil lakes, revealing luminous atmospheres of immaculate purity. Superb.

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