Review of Monocoastal (10th Anniversary Vinyl Edition) [12k2050]

Silence and Sound (BLOG)

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the release of Monocoastal, Marcus Fischer’s debut album, 12K has decided to reissue it on vinyl, celebrating this opus in the form of a cornerstone for the label.

Built around field recordings and acoustic instruments, Monocoastal never seems to deliver all of its secrets depending on the attention paid to listening.

Its layers come and go, like the sounds of the ocean blanketing the background, letting our imaginations wander over this silky musical road trip of subtle elegance.

The guitars sing their notes in light haze, the sound effects rub against each other forming dreamy atmospheres flying in the depths of a fully awakened subconscious.

Serenity turns into an aerial atmosphere, taking possession of the fullness of a radiant space. Vital.

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