Review of Stella Epoca [12k1097]

Rockerilla (IT)

After a long break, Sawako releases a new album, Stella Epoca. The last album with unreleased material dates back to 2014 (Nu It). For the occasion, the Japanese musician shows off a sample of never heard sounds: a star map full of details, where she can also fix the fragility of her previous works. “Eclipse Dawn,” “Space Dive,” “Dream Float,” “Sky Rebirth” are passages that describe, with Sawako’s characteristic impalpable poetry, the dance of the stars. To help her in the construction of the eleven tracks in the lineup, a handful of dreamers: Aoki Haytao, Federico Durand, Haruka Nakamura, ARAKI Shin, Yukiko Hayakawa. STELLAR. – Robert Mandolini

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