Review of Weather & Worn [12k2012]

Record Collector (UK)

An inaugural and most welcome foray into the 7″ format for the 12k roster. Here, label boss Deupree summons a breathtaking distillation of acoustic sound, with a minimum of processing, that evokes both the beauty of the natural world outside his window and the subtle shifts in mood he felt while improvising these two four-minute pieces. Built around a plaintive drone, each track is dappled and draped with tiny heart-warming gestures (a rising harmonic here, an arcing tonal flicker there) in an attempt to capture nuances of tension and change; drifting slowly to no place in particular before the final curtain call of the run-out groove. All is heavenly peace. In a month that’s been pretty great for singles, this one takes the crown. – Spencer Grady

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