Review of Disappearance [12k1076]

RC Bordeaux (FR)

I’ve started with a collaboration, one more, from Taylor Deupree who has started, after Seaworthy not so long ago, a new musical adventure with the well-known Ryuichi Sakamoto. He is also keen to collaborate, and particularly with artists that can transcend and enhance his piano. For example, he has collaborated with Alva Noto and Fennesz in the experimental electronic field. On this 5 tracks release called “Disappearance” we feel the imprint of production of Taylor Deupree, it’s ethereal, it breaths and it’s delicate. But the peacefulness is not alway here on each piece, strengthened by the sounds of Sakamoto’s piano that he scratched and prepared, and by the menacing electronic clouds concocted by Deupree. Our two talented artists offer us a quest of some ideas about silence and serenity, all in all a repairing disappearance.

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