Review of A Colour For Autumn [12k1052]

Rave Magazine (AU)

Seasonally Appropriate Discovery of Sound.

Following on from 2008’s For Varying Degrees of Winter, A Colour For Autumn, Brisbane sound artist Lawrence English’s newest opus is the second in his four album series focusing on the seasons of the year. English’s interpretation of autumn is quite fascinating, as it seeks to recreate this transitory season through aural recreations of the rather different Australian and European autumns. “Watching it Unfold” is quite an appropriate description of its contents, with gently shifting sine waves and carefully placed guitar motifs bringing to mind the understated Australian season. .”..And Clouds For Company”‘s ethereal drones and wind tunnel effects equally evokes the northern winter, with a calming sense of bliss. In addition to English’s processed electronics A Colour For Autumn also features collaborations with souther and northern experimental musicians. “Droplet” features Dean Roberts’ voice manipulated and processed into a dense fog, recalling English’s recent album Kiri No Oto. Austrian laptopper Christian Fennesz’s touch on “The Surface of Everything” is likewise unmistakable with his distinctive electronics bringing to mind his Black Sea release of last year. A powerful example of the evocative possibilities of minimalist sound art, A Colour For Autumn is already a monumental musical highlight of 2009.

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