Review of Slow Machines [12k2044]

Possible Musics (FR)

Translated from French:

Michael Grigoni and Stephen Vitiello partner on the 12K label for a perfect union between guitars and field recordings in a very relaxing ensemble.

Slow Machines is the result of the joint work of Stephen Vitiello (sampling, field recordings, guitar) and Michael Grigoni (dobro, lap steel guitar, steel pedal and voice). Two regulars of the 12 K house since Stephen Vitiello has already collaborated several times with Taylor Deupree, as for Michael Grigoni him, he released Mount Carmel in 2019 on this same label.
Together, these two musicians produce ambient-guitar music teeming with microscopic tones, in particular sounds recorded from an installation bringing together very original kinetic sculptures by the artist Arthur Ganson as we can see on his website and which also inspired the album title.

In total, 5 tracks ranging from 6 to 12 minutes minutes for a set that forms a fairly compact and linear block, but with shimmering tones, calm atmospheres, very colorful and bucolic.
A music with the sound of reverie sound, evocative of summer landscapes, in which we let ourselves be carried without restraint by the notes of guitars and the sounds which revolve all around. Ideal for a nap or at bedtime.

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