Review of The Sleeping Morning [12k2007]

Plan B (UK)

Golden leaves wrapped around tiny crystalline structures. Frail and fragmentary, like the plaintive whisper songs of Dean Roberts or Mark Hollis, baptised by the sunlight that comes breaking through a bedroom window on a cold winter day. The lush fruits of a friendship, one between an Athenian and a New Yorker, that has been rekindled after a ten year hiatus, retaining its musical connection. Alien autobahns gradually dismantled by restless ghosts in micro-sound, taking their direction from maps forged from country streams and Jupiter-8s. The Sleeping Beauty is simply the x and y of a nebula of orange vapours, the co-ordinates of this deep macrocosmic stain called love and the codex of remembrance, i.e. nostalgia. Ysatis and Deupree may have tapped into the remedy for our modern day blues, helping us to recognise them for what they are and then mirroring them in their creations: concepts ephemeral. – Spencer Grady

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