Review of Windy Weather Always Makes Me Think Of You [12k1093]

Nowamuzyka (PL)

The boundless bliss of contemplation.

The inconspicuity of ambient music is one of my favorite features. It allows creators to hide several layers in it at once. With a steady tempo, you can be tempted to enrich your songs with broken melodies, and even individual sounds. Throwing in field recordings is also a limited idea, but we are not dealing with the oversupply effect yet. The more little things, the greater the desire to come back to such music. And this is the case with the world created by Tomasz Bednarczyk.

The producer from Wrocław (also known as New Rome) belongs to the group of exceptionally talented ambient enthusiasts, which he has proved in the past, and he proves again with the album “Windy Weather Always Makes Me Think Of You”. Both the title of the album and the cover are suggestive enough for the perception of the audio content. I am in a hurry to announce that the obvious does not occupy a key place, and the musician’s excellent craftsmanship allows him to avoid sandbanks.

We start our tasting with a rather rough song “Stormy”. I’m just in favor of such noise, and those of you who are closer to cleanliness and fluidity should check out “Playing Stairs.” The hastiness that characterizes more than one ambient album is extremely mesmerizing here. For example, “What Happens When Glaciers Melt?” and “Out Of Tune”. All songs are almost equal in length. If it was a deliberate attempt to impose limits on oneself, it was successful.

I like this album also because of minimalism, which is clearly represented by “Theme III”. And yet there are also moments more, so to speak, marking their presence. For example the dreamy “A Man With A Bagpipe” or “Underwater Kalimba”. I realized that it is very easy to get stuck in this world. It’s not a bad thing, I guess, but such “Somewhere in Hawaii” might not end at all. So if, like the undersigned, you are looking for an unlimited bliss of contemplation, then this CD is for you.

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