Review of Mitosis [12k1077]

Norman Records (UK)

Here’s an album of delicate breathy glitchpop from Moskitoo on 12K, a label which generally deals in the more ambient/minimal/sound arty side of things so as you might imagine this is finely detailed and quite understated stuff, with gently pulsing, twinking and glistening synths cut nervous melodies over which she can drape her wispy, tentative vocals.

It’s a silky an immersive listen, with the sheer melodic beauty and craftily weird arrangements reminding me a little of The Notwist or even the Postal Service only stripped back from their bold pop-isms into a bare, twitching electronic sculpture. There are organic sounds on here too like a gently plucked guitar in ‘Vulpecula’, but the majority of the textures and the way they’re constructed is very computery.

Another thing it reminds me of is the experimental noise pop on this week’s debut by Katie Gately, but with a focus on extreme quietude rather than extreme noise. They’re both making computer noises sculpted in a very human, and indeed very feminine way, with as much focus on the arsenal of detailed computer tones as the heartstring-tugging melodies. It reminds me of the creative yet coy styles of people like Tenniscoats or Takako Minekawa but upgraded into slickly hi-tech territory. Really very good.

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