Review of Disappearance [12k1076]

Norman Records (UK)

Former Yellow Magic Orchestra and long time David Sylvian collaborator Ryuichi Sakamoto has teamed up with 12k boss Taylor Deupree on this release. After performing live together at John Zorn’s club The Stone and having the convenience of the pair both living in New York, it seemed natural that they should put their ideas on record. ‘Disappearance’ is a mix of hushed instrumentation (namely Sakamoto’s intricate piano playing) and the natural sounds created while recording, these are anything from the creak of chair to the scrape of string, all enveloped by Deupree’s warm electronic tones.

Sakamoto and Deupree have found an almost telepathic connection through their music, the stark piano tones weave beautifully in and out of the velvet drone of synth and gentle clatter of the studio. The highlight of ‘Disappearance’ is without doubt the closing track ‘Curl To Me’, featuring up and coming singer/songwriter Ichiko Aoba and the solitary lub-lub of her heartbeat, the sound of which makes you feel peaceful yet very aware of your mortality, eventually this gives way to Aoba’s hushed voice and a flutter of acoustic guitar, a perfect end to this sublime piece of music!

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