Review of Our House Is On The Wall [12k1061]

Norman Records (UK)

This is a new project from Swedish duo Ylva Wiklund and David Wenngren of Library Tapes. Wiklund provides vocals, apparently some were recorded using mobile phone to add a ghostly lo-fi feel. They sound great actually; both fragile and spooky, delicately floating among shifting layers of tonal melancholy. This is quite different for Wenngren, so don’t come expecting his piano skills here. This disc sees him exploring far darker terrain and I’m often given the feeling of a ghost in the machine. In many ways the sounds feel very human and organic yet in others things feel more detached. I’d like to spend some more time with this late at night. Gorgeous stuff and an unexpected turn for 12k heading into an entirely different zone than we’re generally used to from the label.

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