Review of 1897 [12k1053]

Norman Records (UK)

1897 is the latest installment of minimalist soundscapes from Australian nerdo noise composer Cameron Webb a.k.a Seaworthy. Webb has spent a significant number of years perfecting his subtle combination of minimalist composition and found sounds and approaches the subject methodically and confidently. 1897 is a reference to an army ammunitions bunker used as a studio space for this recording and the year of it’s construction. You can read a little more about this in the press release so i won’t go on but I will mention that Webb is obviously inspired by the environment and the majority of tracks reflect this with the only titles being “Ammunition” or “Installation” follow by a reference number. Tracks vary in tone from unnerving drones to lonesome, helplessly sad guitar ballads and may be of interest to Yellow 6 or maybe Aerial M aficionados. If you like your music studied and minimalist then this will definitely interest you. A great soundtrack to an ambient musing.

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