Review of Sti.ll [12k2060]

New Sounds, WNYC (US)

Hear (mostly) acoustic arrangements of electronic music, including a reworking of sound artist’s Taylor Deupree’s 2002 ambient electronic album Stil., Alarm Will Sound plays Aphex Twin, and Barcelona pianist Francesco Tristano plays Jeff Mills.  Plus, Brian Eno’s Music for Airports performed by The Bang on a Can All-Stars.

Listen to some of sound artist, engineer, and producer Taylor Dupree’s 2002 album Stil. inspired by the work of photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto, and based on the complex repetition of looping passages. Deupree is also the founder of the experimental ambient music record label 12k. Then hear a portion of the acoustic re-imagining of Taylor Deupree’s album Stil. by New York composer Joseph Branciforte using clarinet, flute, vibraphone, cello, lap harp, and percussion deployed in the service of preserving the textures of the digital loops and granular processing of Deupree’s original. Meticulously transcribed and arranged by Greyfade’s Joseph Branciforte and performed by an ensemble of notable New York creative musicians — Madison Greenstone, Ben Monder, Laura Cocks, Christopher Gross, and Sam Minaie, alongside Branciforte and Deupree themselves, listen to the movement “Recur”, (Bandcamp liner notes.) The concert for the album release of Sti.ll is on May 22 at Public Records in Brooklyn.

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