Review of The Sleeping Morning [12k2007]

Neural (IT)

This release could be seen as a sort of ‘reunion’, the reunion of Savvas Ysatis and Taylor Dupree after ten years of different choices. Together, they seem to recapture the conceptual approach of their origins (Futique, Arc, Seti…these were their monikers in the early Nineties), and everything is now made more robust by a remarkable technical precision. Interactions that, especially in their mental openness to specific ‘settings’, define well the field of operations in which to rigorously focus sounds and ideas. In the specific case of the four long and melodic tracks of The Sleeeping Morning, in fact, all the instruments were played directly into the sequencer, just with small edits, leaving further manipulations for a later time, calibrating the atmospheres in a sort of ‘experimental micro-folk’ with pop influences, oblique but very intense and inspired. – Aurelio Cianciotta

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