Review of In The Lens [12k1086]

Neural (IT)

This is the fourth full-length album in ten years for the Australians Kane Ikin and Paul Fiocco, aka Solo Andata, an experimental combo that now returns to 12K after a first experience on Hefty Records and recent release on Desire Path Recordings. The two albums in the middle were for the New York-based label Seaworthy, with the head honcho Taylor Deupree, in 2008, and their namesake Solo Andata the following year. The border zone where the duo moves is that of a refined post-rock, quiet and contemplative, a stylistic context here marked with near-broken acoustic instruments on which to experiment with cheap microphones and any other equipment to be modified in order to create unconventional sounds. They embrace a certain raw and innocent sound quality, often disregarded in much of the current over-produced music. In the Lens takes this spirit and in some way also reassembles the fragments, annexing old recordings, samples and dusty arrangements. The result is a clean sweep of all conceptual superstructure, highlighting its ethereal passages and melodies, suspended between folk and jazz, with carefully studied lullabies and piano iterations, in sequences that have a strong narrative structure. Ikin and Fiocco are skilled at unravelling the sonic continuum and in the thirteen tracks more environmental sequences, acoustic and electronic evolutions, beat and frequencies, improvisational cuts and parts subject to heavy manipulations come to the fore. However, in their collaborations the two musicians have always privileged loosely structured and pre-arranged sessions.

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