Review of A Traves Del Espejo [12k1085]

Neural (IT)

Federico Durand is an Argentinian composer who is well known for a series of refined and delicate releases. The seminal idea of A Traves Del Espejo dates to 2014 when Durand participated in a Japanese tour with other 12K artists. Once the artist had developed broken melodies using cassette recorders as an instrument, with loop-machines (such as the Roland Space Echo or Electra Harmonix 2880) he began to meticulously
accumulate sequences and treatments. Here the lullabies are very hypnotic, and these resonate with alchemical vibrations, patiently calibrated by the author, who skillfully organizes every minimal element, every harmony, every millimetric overlapping of tonal events. The result combines the quietest moments and inspired harmonies, nostalgic atmospheres and poetic reveries: memories that float in the ether, engraved in an accomplished minimalism.

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