Review of Twine [12k1084]

Neural (IT)

Taylor Deupree and Marcus Fischer specialise in a skilled but gentle minimalism. Twine refers to the idea of two tape loops as knots, combining to form a single, more complex piece. Despite the extreme repetition of the work, slow asynchronous loops create a sensation of permanent flux that captures the listener’s attention. Such a limited field can also create an intimate space for imagination, full of raw beauty and radiating the tactile, dusty quality of analogue recordings. The result is immersive and hazy, full of arpeggios and vibrating modulations. “The unexpected was a driving force behind the creation” Deupree says, and with a setup reduced to only electric piano, bells and strings, the pair create a subtly abstract poem to involve the audience, bringing back lost memories, making us reflect on how even a simple musical form can hide an inspired complexity.

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