Review of Below Sea Level [12k1071]

Neural (IT)

In Below Sea Level delicate textures and acoustic treatments are crossed with field recordings, giving birth to an interesting union that is highly evocative ofthe place where the sounds were captured:The Fens in East Anglia a flat but fascinating landscape that has inspired generations of artists and writers. The airy scores paint a good picture of the environment: a vast, often below-sea level. Land, only apparently desolate and molded by the work of men, making possible a precarious balance of earth and water. The layered analog and digital tones, the patterns and the union of natural and artificial sounds unravel (thanks to a selfbulit Max/MSP patch) in a fascinating and quietist way, giving the listener an impression of the “genius loci” of the area. The dreamlike sequences are powerful, even in the absolute suspension of landscapes and the aesthetic perceptions they transmit.

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