Review of Filaments & Voids [12k1050]

Neural (IT)

Delicate sequences, rarefied samples followed by silence, active suspensions and short drones, reminiscent of Cage’s main intuition: that sounds include a certain absence. The opposite is also true, and here silence is sprinkled by barely perceptible frequencies and vibrations. This condition of lack becomes a supporting force, enacted, in Filaments & Voids, in a very mechanical way by alternating the different listening conditions, but still effective in defining the borders of a renounced or of a minimal, audible and conformed musical expression. Kenneth Kirschner finely calibrates these ‘quietist’ yet ‘stressed’, ‘stretched’ and ‘interrupted’ passages, sound portions that live in music to realize the void that separates them, with few melodic hints pointing to a whole contained in the parts – an expression of a multi-purpose and precise nature which is both a glorification of the indistinct and a very fine exercise of poetry. – Aurelio Cianciotta

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