Review of Volume Objects [12k1045]

Neural (IT)

Rarefied and abstract digital soundscapes, acoustic iterations (“Broken Guitar”, “Discarded Violin”) and bleeps come to us from David Newman, aka Autistici, for the 12k label directed by Taylor Deupree. Extremely sensitive constructions full of melody, crackle attitude and very contemporary styles, characterized by an almost narrative air, focusing on tiny details, halfway between natural and machinic imagery. It’s a circular and embracing sound, made of complex textures and unusual orchestrations, which evolves along its nine tracks according to a measured continuum of audio elements, field recodings and omnipresent small improvisations. The atmospheres become alluring and crepuscular in the minimalist abuse of sound inserts, following oblique and glitchy paths, veined by more dream-like sequences and strong poetic jumps. A rather inspired and rarefied ambience, which isn’t ruined at all by the experimental cut. – Aurelio Cianciotta

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