Review of Stil. [12k1020]

Neural (IT)

Living in Brooklyn and head of 12k, Taylor Deupree continues his brilliant exploration into sound possibilities with his new CD Stil. through the interaction of statical musical elements such as short patterns reiterated in loops.

If in the beginning it’s not easy to come to terms with a work having his focal point into repetition and stillness (particularly “Snow/Sand”), then in “Recur” the apparently free movements of sound make up a scheme of complex settlement.

The careful listening of this work, inspired by the Seascapes of photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto, reveals abstract forms in slow motion, leaving to listeners an extraordinary freedom of imagination. The granular sound changes into melody and rhythm, finding its best in the title track, a composition entirely based on the variable oscillation of a single fragment of 0.33 seconds, extreme point of an exemplary and fascinating record. – Michele Casella

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